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At the Annual General Meeting of the Thredbo Historical Society (THS) in November 2013 members unanimously carried the following resolution:
                        “That THS resolves to establish a Faces of Thredbo honour                                                        board to recognise those who have made significant contributions                                        to skiing and or the development of Thredbo as an alpine resort”.

It is the intention of TAM to assess and nominate Awardees on an annual basis.

Those honored are recognised below

  • 2014 Leonhard Erharter,  Barry May,  Michael Milton,  Sasha Nekvapil,  Frank Prihoda

  • 2015 Charles Anton,  Dick Dusseldorp,  Cees Koeman,  Tony Sponar,  Tommy Tomasi

  • 2016 George Freuden,  Geoffrey Hughes,  Andrew Thyne Reid

  • 2017 Elyne Mitchell,  Rudi Schatzle

  • 2018 Albert van der Lee,  Bela Racsko

  • 2019 Ludwig Rabina ,  Wayne Kirkpatrick

  • 2020 - 2021 Awards postponed due to COVID

  • 2022 Karel Nekvapil, Michelle & Heinz Reichinger



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