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At the Annual General Meeting of the Thredbo Historical Society (THS) in November 2013 members unanimously carried the following resolution:
                        “That THS resolves to establish a Faces of Thredbo honour                                                        board to recognise those who have made significant contributions                                        to skiing and or the development of Thredbo as an alpine resort”.

Those honoured are recognised below

  • 2014 Leonhard Erharter,  Barry May,  Michael Milton,  Sasha Nekvapil,  Frank Prihoda

  • 2015 Charles Anton,  Dick Dusseldorp,  Cees Koeman,  Tony Sponar,  Tommy Tomasi

  • 2016 George Freuden,  Geoffrey Hughes,  Andrew Thyne Reid

  • 2017 Elyne Mitchell,  Rudi Schatzle

  • 2018 Albert van der Lee, B ela Racsko

  • 2019 Ludwig Rabina ,  Wayne Kirkpatrick

  • 2020 

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