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  • Is responsible for one of the largest and most comprehensive collections in the Southern Hemisphere;

  • Displays a selection of memorabilia, equipment, photos and documents that form Australian snow sports history;

  • Provides an understanding of the historical context of snow sports and its social and economic integration, and development in Thredbo and the Australian Snowy Mountains;

  • Promotes through its archival information, education, research and entertainment;

  • Has the goal of developing a alpine and snow sports museum of national significance;

  • Is a volunteer community based organization;

  • Caters for a statistical recording of over 4,000 visitors annually;

  • Offers free admission, although gold coin donations towards the upkeep of this voluntary facility is greatly appreciated;

  • Is located off the Thredbo Village Square below the Kosziusko Room.

Summer horse riding school in Thredbo

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