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A Brief History of its Inauguration

Thredbo Historical Society was formed in 1995 when 3 employees of the resort company Kosciuszko Thredbo Pty Ltd (K T P/L) – General Manager David Osborne, Wendy O’Donohue and Graeme Holloway, met and discussed the subject and agreed to pursue it. GM Osborne said he would plan to find funds for a site in the Service Station vicinity to build a museum there, if Graeme could build a collection within 3 years. Albert van der Lee was the inaugural President. The road collapse of 1997 intervened and the project was sidelined due to the overwhelming circumstances of that event (Wendy O’Donohue was a fatality in that event).

Graeme Holloway continued to build the collection over ensuing years. From 1997 onwards a static display for the 6 week Dec January holiday period was placed in the Valley Terminal complex. Later more of the collection was displayed over the summer months using volunteers, in underutilised premises of the Company. Graeme continued as President from 1997 to 2008 steadily building the collection and membership. Alan Fredericks succeeded him in 2008 as President.

In December 2008 K T P/L provided the Society with the existing premises of 55 Sq. metres at a very reasonable Licence Fee of $680.00 P/Annum. The Museum now displays about 1 quarter of our collection and we continue to seek about double that floor space. THS also rents 2 Storage units in Jindabyne at a cost of $6240.00 per annum. We also have a 40ft Sea Container on a farm off the Alpine Way storing skis.
We have grown to 220 members – two thirds living in Sydney, Canberra and rural NSW. Fifteen Clubs have taken a membership as well as Snowsports Australia and Disabled Winter Sport Australia. The Thredbo Alpine Museum is open to the public 160 days of the year 1PM to 5PM and we attract over 6000 visitors annually. It is manned by volunteers as there are no paid staff, being a Not for Profit Society.


Thredbo was the first Alpine Resort in Australia to see a Historical Society formed which has since been followed by Mt Buller, Perisher (no museum) and Falls Creek. As with all of these groups we are highly dependent on a strong relationship with the Resort Operators and are very grateful for the support provided by them and in our case the continued interest and support of Kosciuszko Thredbo Pty Ltd. We also acknowledge the continued support of NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.

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