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Thredbo Alpine


National Ski Museum at Thredbo Village

Our Objective

The objectives of TAM - is to continue to be involved in the establishment and promotion of a national ski Museum at Thredbo Village. TAM will also collect, curate, and preserve its collection and make it available to the public so as to encourage community learning, education and awareness of historical values as these relate to Australian skiing and the locality of Thredbo.

Australian Snow Sports History & Museum

The Museum

TAM is responsible for one of the largest and most comprehensive collections in the Southern Hemisphere. It displays a selection of memorabilia, equipment, photos and documents that constitutes Australian snow sports history.

A Diverse Collection from Thredbo's Alpine Heritage

The Collection

The collection comprises a diverse array of items essential to snow sports, including skis, boots, clothing, bindings, and even books and ski magazines. Additionally, it features trophies, images, videos, oral histories, letters, newspaper clippings, and editorial materials. Notably, there are unique artifacts like an original Crackenback chairlift seat and a seat from the Charlotte Pass to Alpine Way chairlift. These acquisitions, donated over time, form a valuable resource for research and reference, offering insights into the history of snow sports in the Thredbo region. Spanning from the 1890s to the present day, the collection includes treasured items that highlight the rich heritage of this alpine area.

Opening Times

WE ARE OPEN 12:00PM to 4:00PM

During Peak winter months and peak Dec / January period we are open daily. Quieter months dependant on volunteers and days and times may be subject to change.

Located half-way down Village Square steps

Make a Donation

The Foundation was established as a stand alone fund that would allow for tax deductible donations, bequests and endowments to support our continued work in conserving Australian Ski history.

As part of Thredbo's master plan for the village and possible relocation and/or complete refurbishment of the Museum we need to plan for this expenditure. Our current operating budget does not provide for this unavoidable yet significant expenditure. Hence the establishment of the Foundation Fund. ​Accordingly we are seeking the financial support of Members, Friends of Thredbo, Philanthropists and Corporates to donate to the Thredbo Alpine Museum Foundation.

To make a donation in honor of a individual, or a memorial contribution in lieu of a gift please feel free to contact anyone on the Committee with the name and address of the individual to be recognised. Bank account details can also be forwarded and arrangements for acknowledgement in our quarterly newsletter can be easily arranged.

Alternatively just hit the donate button

Thredbo Historical Society Exhibited Collection.

Become a TAM Member

Members of  TAM get access to the digital collection. Members also receive periodic Newsletters updating members on coming events, historical information, and access to other members. More importantly the shop offers members discounts and all external events are discounted.

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